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Do you need a short video for an advertisement, or a long feature film for a website? Do you want to show your employees what the new office looks like, or just entertain your customers with a funny video ? Your company needs an efficient and effective way to communicate with its viewers. Video production can do just that. A company video is much more than an advertisement – it’s a dynamic and engaging way to tell your story and connect with your customers on another level. It is time to think about how you can use video production services to help grow your business. Let us help you discover the potential of video in your organization and put together the right plan for implementation. Let’s talk!…

video production crew on location

St. Louis Video Editing is a full service video taping and video editing company dedicated to creative excellence.  We can video tape at your location or in our studio conveniently located in South County.

We are a full service High Definition video and film production company. We provide complete development, production, editing and project delivery. We have a full-service studio.  And yes, you can book us as a crew for hire as well.

First off, we start with great talent. Consistent professional production results come from those who make a living at it. To back our years of experience you can see here that we bring to the table the highest quality film making tools, ensuring your project will look the very best.

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