full service editing and post production

Are you looking for reliable video editing and post-production services that will take your media to the next level? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here at St Louis Video Editing, we offer a host of amazing services that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. From corporate videos to wedding videos, documentary films and everything in between, we can help with your video projects from start to finish. We specialize in creative problem-solving with a focus on collaboration and input from our team members and clients. Let us know how we can help!

Video Editing Services
With over two decades of experience in the video industry, we know how to edit video content for a wide variety of uses. With a team of skilled editors at your disposal, we can handle everything from simple captions to complex visual effects. We can also take your raw footage and create polished, ready-to-go videos.

From short videos to feature-length documentaries, we can help you get the footage you need and then put it all together in a polished, completed video. We can handle anything from standard single-camera productions to multi-camera shoots, and we have experience editing everything from television commercials, documentaries and corporate videos to live streaming sales presentations.

Video Production Services
We know that there’s more to video than just editing and post-production, which is why we offer complete production services, too. From concept to completion, we can help you get your videos from an idea to a finished product.

We produce everything from commercials to corporate videos to weddings and more. No matter what type of video you’re creating, we can help. We also offer green screen video production services and can help you create visual content for everything from social media posts to TV commercials.

Audio Editing Services
We know that the quality of your audio can make or break your video, which is why we offer a variety of audio editing services. From basic audio editing and sound mixing to more complex sound design and sound engineering, we can take your audio from good to great.

We’re not just limited to enhancing audio for video, either. We can also help with podcasts, radio ads and other audio projects. We can even create custom soundtracks for your videos. Talk to one of our experts about audio editing services to see what we can do for you.

Motion Graphic Creation Services
From simple titles to complex animations, we can help you visualize your ideas with motion graphics. We can create everything from simple title sequences to fully-interactive infographics. We can even create custom animations for your social media posts.

We can help you create engaging, informative visuals that are perfect for everything from product demonstrations to complex information-dense data visualizations. We have experience creating visuals for a wide variety of industries, including technology, health care, retail and more. Let us know what you’re looking to create and we’ll let you know if we can help!

Voice Over Recording Services
If you need high-quality voice-over recordings for your videos, we can help. We have access to a wide variety of voice-over talent, and we can help you find the perfect voice for your project. We can then help you select the proper equipment for recording voiceovers and get those voiceovers recorded and edited.

We can also help you select the best music for your videos and can even compose original music for your project if you’d like. From commercial voice-overs to narration and more, we can help with everything related to recording high-quality voice-overs for your videos.

3D Animation and Motion Graphics Services
Whether you need 3D modeling or modeling services for visual effects, we can help. We can create visual content for marketing videos, explainer videos, social media posts, presentations, websites and more. We can also create visual content for augmented reality applications.

Let us know what visual content you’re looking to create and we can help you decide if 3D animation or motion graphics are the best option. If so, we can help you bring your ideas to life. We have experience creating visuals for a wide variety of industries, including technology, health care, retail and more.

Expert Color Grading and Colour Correction Services
Do you have raw footage that needs some color correction? Do you have a completed video that could use a little tweaking? We can help with color grading and color correction services. We can take your raw footage or existing videos and tweak the colours and settings to create a finished product that looks its best.

We can help with everything from corporate videos to wedding videos, documentaries and everything in between. Let us know how we can help you with color grading and color correction services.

Online Video Promos and Teasers Service
Are you looking for a cost-effective way to promote your business? Do you need an engaging piece of content to post on social media? Are you in need of an eye-catching business video for your website? If so, we can help with our online video promos and teaser service.

We can create short videos (30 seconds to 2 minutes) that are perfect for social media and website promotion. We can also create longer videos (2 to 5 minutes) that are great for playing on your website. Whether you need one video or multiple videos, we can help.

Video Production Experience Makes The All Difference
Our video production crews have been producing video since the early 80’s, so we know how to make you and your products or services look awesome!
No matter what your video production need might be, we can help!
Full Video Production Services
HD Video Production & Editing
Full Service Digital Editing
Special “Camera Rental Packages” including Cameraman & Grip
Professional Voice & “On Camera” Talent
Video Crew & Staffing Help For “Out of town Producers”
Video Equipment Rental
Flash creation and Web Video
Streaming Media Solutions
Marketing Solutions & Consulting
“Turn-Key” production and Marketing Solutions

Video Editing for Corporate Marketing and Training Videos. Metro St. Louis Transit.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin hd video editing excerpt from historical docudramas by ANN history videos.  Actresses Hope Haller (as Evangeline) and Lorraine Clarkson (as Harriett Beecher Stowe) are on camera in this scene.

St Louis Web Video for St Louis Pros Baseball

Mike Haller, St Louis photographer and videographer, 314-892-1233
Still images edited to video for the St Louis Pros Baseball. What a great group of wonderful folks. Please visit their website, click here.  Most of the images were shot on a beautiful day on location.  The fun part is that there is one image that was shot on a green screen video back at our studio in south St. Louis county.  Can you guess which image?  After video editing, the clips were posted to youtube with the proper video search techniques.  Rob Haller, St Louis video editor.

Final Words
At St Louis Video Editing, we believe that every organization has a story to tell. With our help, you can tell your story in a compelling, engaging way that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you’re creating an explainer video, producing an event video, or putting together a training video, we can help. In summary, a good video can do wonders for your business. It can help you reach a wider audience, increase brand loyalty, and even boost sales. With the help of video editing and post-production services, you can create videos that are impactful and engaging from start to finish. And with our high-quality editing and post-production services, you can be sure that your videos will come out looking great.

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