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Video editing begins when you shoot!

We can fulfill your editing success from the very beginning of the shoot.

Getting the Right Location and Location Access – A documentary is more than just talking heads; you need to shoot some on-location footage to really bring your audience into the story. But be prepared for trouble if you accidentally find yourself trespassing on private property during your shoot! We’ll teach you exactly how to avoid sticky situations by convincing the right people to give you the right permission ahead of time. Learn the different kinds of location access and what you’ll need to do to deal with each. Understanding these key differences and getting property owners on board with your shoot is a great way to get your documentary off on the right foot.

Preparing for Great Interviews – Interviews are the lifeblood of a good documentary, but getting a good interview response starts long before your interviewee even enters the room. Learn how to prepare the interview room so that it looks great on video and helps to communicate the same themes you want to capture from your interviewee’s words. Find out what legal forms you need to have prepared in advance so that you can make the full use of your interviewee’s candid words.

Directing Interviews – Seasoned reporters always seem to get such great quotes and so can you. Getting good interview footage is all about asking the right questions. One misstep could set the wrong tone for the whole interview or, worse, get your subject to clam up and refuse to talk openly. We’ll show you how to lead an interview so that your subject feels so at-ease that he’ll want to talk for hours. Get interviewees to share all the intimate thoughts and shocking revelations that make for a riveting documentary!


Mike Haller

St Louis Video Producer

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA | St Louis Video Editing