St Louis Video Editing

We have been exceeding our customers’ expectations since 1982 by offering creative and quality video editing services.

Whether your goal is to publish a three hour corporate video within a time limit or to edit a commercial advertisement within budget, your unique vision will begin to unfold once you consult with our professional editing team.

While most video production companies choose to see their quest as artists, we believe we are hired to solve your communications problems. To that end we offer numerous video portal applications such as custom learning management systems, to document, track, report, and deliver educational courses and training programs.

We can also provide live stream video editing

We have helped many businesses throughout the St. Louis region with professional video editing services. Finding an experienced St. Louis Video Editor is as important as the front end production. Ask us how our service can breathe new life to an existing project or create a breathtaking narrative for your company identity, message or cause.

Our policies ensure that our clients receive quality services at affordable rates. Initial meetings focus on client needs and objectives. Having clients sign off on each phase of production is standard practice.

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Producer
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA | St Louis Video Editing

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