St Louis Video Editing | Corporate & Training Productions

Shooting HD video is just the beginning. Our extensive experience has taught us invaluable lessons and given us the resources to aid talented artists and industry giants worldwide. HD video and audio production is a necessity in today’s corporate world. We deliver turnkey video production services for branding and marketing, original content, corporate communications, on-location shooting, event filming, audio production, video editing, tv and radio commercials, web videos, and music video production.

Give the same set of footage to 10 accomplished editors and you’re likely to get back 10 different videos. The choice of editor is often the most critical decision we make during the post production process.

Each of our editors is a master storyteller in their own right—maestros of drama and emotion, sculptors of image and sound, and field generals for the rest of our post-production team—responsible for transforming a myriad of disparate creative elements into a unified cohesive whole.

Using a seamless and integrative work flow, you will be impressed with the final product. From editing to motion graphics, special effects, color grading, audio mixing and more, your project will look and feel the way it was intended.

st louis video editing and production studio

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Producer
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA | St Louis Video Editing

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