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Video Post-Production is where it all comes together in the edit room. Raw video is combined with still images, animations, voice overs, music tracks, special effects and then output to whatever medium you require… DVD, Blu-ray, Data files, web video, Beta SP and even smartphone compatible files. Whether you just need to update an old video, make a format conversation or create a whole new video from scratch, we can handle it all in our all digital video edit rooms.

Our studio combines the newest techniques and technologies with old school principles to get just the right look. Color, Black and White, Sepia, and many other looks are available as are many backgrounds (outdoors or indoors) to help create the mood and effect you are looking for. We will help you thru each step to create the look you need.

Mike Haller

St Louis Video Producer

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Video editing begins when you shoot!

We can fulfill your editing success from the very beginning of the shoot.

Getting the Right Location and Location Access – A documentary is more than just talking heads; you need to shoot some on-location footage to really bring your audience into the story. But be prepared for trouble if you accidentally find yourself trespassing on private property during your shoot! We’ll teach you exactly how to avoid sticky situations by convincing the right people to give you the right permission ahead of time. Learn the different kinds of location access and what you’ll need to do to deal with each. Understanding these key differences and getting property owners on board with your shoot is a great way to get your documentary off on the right foot.

Preparing for Great Interviews – Interviews are the lifeblood of a good documentary, but getting a good interview response starts long before your interviewee even enters the room. Learn how to prepare the interview room so that it looks great on video and helps to communicate the same themes you want to capture from your interviewee’s words. Find out what legal forms you need to have prepared in advance so that you can make the full use of your interviewee’s candid words.

Directing Interviews – Seasoned reporters always seem to get such great quotes and so can you. Getting good interview footage is all about asking the right questions. One misstep could set the wrong tone for the whole interview or, worse, get your subject to clam up and refuse to talk openly. We’ll show you how to lead an interview so that your subject feels so at-ease that he’ll want to talk for hours. Get interviewees to share all the intimate thoughts and shocking revelations that make for a riveting documentary!


Mike Haller

St Louis Video Producer

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA | St Louis Video Editing

What types of videos do most businesses produce?

Most Commonly Requested Video Production and Editing Needs by businesses according to much of the SEO data we review for video production and editing websites.

Explainer Videos
Business Profiles
Conferences and Corporate Events
Interviews and Testimonials
Product Demonstrations
Promotional Events
Social Media Videos
Speeches and Presentation videos
Training videos
How-To videos
Television Commercials


St Louis Video Editor, Rob Haller

Also known as a St Louis Video Producer and Photographer

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St Louis Video Editing

Do you need a creative video editor in Saint Louis, Missouri?

St. Louis Video Editing has been crafting and creating great video productions since 1982 for many diverse corporations and individuals.

You can be assured that you will get the maximum value from your video and you will be pleased with the results.

If you need a video editor that edits quickly, an editor that edits to network standards, and an editor that edits for much less than the other, larger video production companies, you can call on our efficient, cost effective team.

We can solve your editing problem with PC or MAC based systems as you request, no job is too large or too small for us to handle quickly and economically.

As the video shows, we edit for customers all across the United States, because we are quick and economical.


Mike Haller

St Louis Video Producer

St Louis, Missouri, USA | Video Production

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Although often overlooked, post production is a hugely important component to the video production process.  Among other reasons, this is because great editing typically doesn’t draw attention to itself; it just works.  Bad editing, on the other hand, sticks out like a sore thumb and can derail an otherwise high-quality production right out of the gate.  The first step to great post production comes when it’s captured.   If you’ve produced your content with ECG Productions, you can rest assured that you’ll be starting from the highest quality 24-bit source material, mixed seamlessly on set and painstakingly organized along with your video assets.  If you’ve come to us with your own assets, you may have excellent quality recordings or you may need us to clean things up a bit.  Either way, we’re ready to edit with you!


Mike Haller

St Louis Video Producer

St Louis, Missouri, USA  | Video Production

st louis post production | video editing and animation

Most of our web work for companies consists of video and photography.  Many of our website designs include videos that are very web friendly, meaning they work!

Typically we go on site for a video shoot to record footage in a location that the client desires. We also video tape and provide still photography at our studio.

Corporate video training on the web helps you create the interactive experience you need for the education of your audience. We involve the visitor by asking them to click on something, and then can talk directly to them! Video is a great learning tool utilizing visual, auditory & motor skills making the entire experience more memorable.

St Louis Video Production Services, Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer and Photographer, 314-892-1233.  robh@hallerconcepts.comSaint Louis, Missouri, USA


st. louis video post production

We can help you with your video editing and post production services that you may require.  Do you need your footage edited?  Do you need a production crew?  How about a five second graphic logo motion?  We can create and produce all of that as you may need.  And we can help at your location or in our studio.


Rob Haller, St Louis Video Editor

St Louis Video Producer

St. Louis Video Editing

St Louis Video Editing will bring your program to life.


Using Avid and Premier editing software we are well versed in all popular post production software and can help create video effects VFX edits involving green screen, and video graphics motion.

Our video editing services include:


Creative Editorial

Film Editing

Video Editing

Offline Editorial

Non-linear Editing

Online Editing Supervision

Color Correcting


Our video editor has the creative spirit and passion for the video editing craft to make your next project a success.


With the help of your editor and producer, you can help create your video and add titles, photos, animated backgrounds, music, sound and video effects for any project you have in mind.



Robert Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Production

st louis video | vidoe production | video post production

A great st louis video begins here with a great production team, then add a great editor and you have magic.

At the beginning, during preproduction, we create with your team to prepare a concept and a script.  Then, we provide full-service video production: directing, producing, sound and art direction.  If needed we are experienced with casting, makeup/wardrobe, location management, and craft services.  Our collaboration continues in video post production.  We’re among the best in st louis for video editing, graphics design, audio production, music selection, closed-captioning, subtitling and duplication.  Our creative team is also well trained in Web presence development, optimization, and support.  Let’s start creating!


Rob Haller


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This video clip was a series of clips we edited.  The complete post production was finalized for over twenty different videos within the allotted deadline of six production days.   Yes, we play well with deadlines.  The customer was off to a tradeshow and needed all the clips pronto.  We were more than happy to help.  Tight deadlines are no problem!

We offer many video production services in st louis and experience in all areas.

Scriptwriting, Casting, & Scouting


Shooting—High Definition, Standard Definition & Film

Editing—Non-linear Editing

Audio Recording

Motion Graphics


Video Encoding for Web

DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring


Please call or email

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