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A great st louis video begins here with a great production team, then add a great editor and you have magic.

At the beginning, during preproduction, we create with your team to prepare a concept and a script.  Then, we provide full-service video production: directing, producing, sound and art direction.  If needed we are experienced with casting, makeup/wardrobe, location management, and craft services.  Our collaboration continues in video post production.  We’re among the best in st louis for video editing, graphics design, audio production, music selection, closed-captioning, subtitling and duplication.  Our creative team is also well trained in Web presence development, optimization, and support.  Let’s start creating!


Rob Haller



st louis video production

St Louis Video Production

st louis video production video taping session

st louis video production video taping session

St Louis video producer, Mike Haller comes in for a close-up of the action.  During a recent video production in St Louis, the Historical Television Network completed a series of historical video productions.  Video taping occurred over a three day production and editing was completed in two days.  Dave Topping, assistant Producer, is shown here on the far right behind the tripod and is helping to direct the right shot.

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Rob Haller



st louis video editing services

st louis video editing services

st louis video editing services

Full Service Video Editing and Post Production for St Louis Missouri

Video Editing

Sound Editing

Color Correction

Color Grading


Motion Graphics

Green/blue screen Keying

Digital Framing (Pan & Scan)

Video Compression and Online Delivery Optimization


St Louis Video Production for Interior Design Corp.

St Louis Video Editing. Mike Haller 314-892-1233

St Louis Video Editing and Post Production

Milt Oldendorph, St. Louis video producer, for Fas Dam, shot video over the entire country to create a series of marketing and training videos for the firm. 314-892-1233

St. Louis Video Editing – Pillosage Midwest

St. Louis video editing for client Pillosage. Mike Haller, 314-892-1233

St Louis Medical and Healthcare Video

Patient information videos for the doctor’s or hospital’s waiting areas.

Video and Photography for Frontenac Surgical Center of St. Louis.

Medical Photoraphy and Video St. Louis, Missouri

Photographic Images from this shoot were utilized for marketing and publicity.  Video footage was edited to create a marketing video and a patient waiting room video.   Rob Haller, Producer and Mike Haller, Director